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Teaberry Arts is a 501c3 non-profit

organization based in Rumford, Maine

and was established in September 2013 with

with official non-profit status granted in 2015.


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Teaberry Art's mission is to create a diverse artistic and cultural network in Rumford,

the River Valley & surrounding communities by promoting and supporting fine artists,

artisans, craftpersons, musicians, performers and other creative people.

We will strive to develop a unified coalition of like-minded people to establish

a creative renaissance for the area as we grow and promote the arts.

We will unite to promote one another to increase our visibility to the public

and recruit other local artists to participate in and grow Teaberry Arts.

We will assist and educate our members to improve their business skills and

show them how to use social media and other methods for self-promotion.

We will support and host a diverse array of cultural programs, classes, shows, concerts,

beautification projects, art events & sales as well as creating public art in the area.

We will work with existing community groups and businesses to show them

how the arts & creativity can be used for their economic development and growth.


We will seek out talented youth to mentor, sharing our

combined knowledge and encouraging them to grow as fellow artists.

We will endeavor to bring visiting artists and performers

to the area to broaden the appeal of the arts for everyone.

We will encourage other artists to move to and/ or visit the area and

to become an integral part of the future of our communities.

© 2018 Teaberry Arts    Post Office Box 74    Rumford, Maine 04276

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