Western Mountains of Maine

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The eldest daughter of a paper maker, who grew up in a family filled with artists, craftsmen, musicians, and herbalists. Currently residing in the Mountains of Western Maine.


She returned home to her roots, after being 'away' for over 30 years. She spent thirty years in the hospitality industry and during that time continued to write music and hone her skills as an artist.

She studied engineering graphics, chemistry, photography, painting, and the art of paper making, at a young age. In her twenties and thirties she apprenticed with New England renowned Herbalists,

Corrine Martin, and Beth Johnston, learning the old world craft of herbal remedies and using herbal recipes as a holistic way of life.

In addition to several hands on workshops at the Shaker Village, and building a large rare medicinal herb garden, she combined alchemy and artistry, using natural pigments and herbs, to make paper. Over the years she went on to experiment with glass as a way to reverse the curse of always breaking her favorite glass pieces. She spent many years learning the art of Stained Glass and Mosaics which allowed her to create something beautiful out of the broken pieces of beloved objects.


After a breast cancer diagnosis that resulted in a double mastectomy, she was gifted several pieces of Samoan art, from a long time friend. The unique process of using plants and turning them into a type of canvas spoke to her heritage in a therapeutic and simple way, and helped to weather the storm that is cancer.   This eventually morphed into recreating a New England interpretation of the tribal art form called “Tapa Art” or the craft of turning plant material into “Bark Cloth.”

This method dates back to the sixteenth century in and around the Samoa and the Fiji Islands. Oftentimes, women of an entire village, would come together, to create one very large piece of the cloth. The beating of the inner bark, with the wooden mallet, would create a tribal, primal beat, that would resonate throughout the entire village, in a rhythmic song, adding to the many layers of meaning that each piece holds.  After creating the bark cloth, it is used for painting with symbolic designs and objects, indigenous to the village's natural heritage.

For Beverly, the song, the sense of community, the artistry, and the heritage, speaks to an entire lifetime of creativity as an artist and as the eldest daughter of artists and papermakers.

Beverly divides her time between creating

stained glass objects d'art, mosaics, Tapa Art, (as a healing art for survivors,) 

and in her Apothecary, developing a product line of ointments, tinctures, and elixirs,

under a private label called 'One Blind Moose' at Western Mountain Moss & Apothecary,

in the Mountains of Western Maine

She is still playing and writing music , and still looking for her purpose...

She stays true to the spirit of old world handiwork, old world remedies for healing,

and her artist heritage, in the beautiful Mountains of Western Maine.

You can find her on facebook at

and as a writer for  Rumford Ahead, in the Western Maine community

of Rumford, Maine. Oxford County  USA BABY!

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