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My art journey is probably shorter than any other artist in this group. In January of 2012, I didn't set out to produce art to actually frame and hang on the wall. Having lost my job, I merely set out to earn an Associates Degree in order to tutor youngsters in literacy! I left the Art 101 class until the very last semester because I had NO previous artistic experience, interest or talent…or so I thought! My professor insisted her students keep an  ‘art journal’ from day one, and in mine, I am able to follow my progress as I begin to understand the concepts she taught. Once I learned to SEE, I was shocked at how rapidly my work improved. It was then that I fell in love with drawing and painting.

These days, I am retired, and I'm never without a camera or a sketchbook at hand. I am constantly drawing and creating compositions in my head. Sometimes the photos, ideas and sketches are discarded, but other times they develop into more in-depth compositions and detailed images. I paint mostly landscapes of my beautiful Maine world.

Perhaps I should have known that art was in my genes. I have always created in some way: photography, sewing, knitting, basket making, chair caning, and on and on.

I am blessed to be able to count some hugely talented women as some of closest friends. Although our journeys differ greatly, we paint together regularly, encouraging and supporting each other as well as lovingly critiquing our work as we continue to grow in our art. Most of us are members of the Western Maine Senior College, enrolled in the Drawing and Painting ‘classes’. These ladies and I also take “Field Trips” to galleries and art shows all around Maine. We find the work of fellow artists inspiring.

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